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graduating to another MVVM framework

Apr 24, 2012 at 2:53 AM

The Bxf framework has been a great tool for me to get a decent understanding of the basic concepts of MVVM.  I've been using it on a current project (even though I know it's not recommended for use in production), and I've found myself making some changes to the Bxf code to allow me to more easily do things like create child views and handle multiple instances of views in memory.  Given that, I wanted to see if anyone can recommend a particular framework to look at next that closely resembles Bxf in its simplicity but nevertheless brings added functionality.  I'd also like something that can be used for both SL and WPF. 

I started looking at Caliburn.Micro, and the basic usage examples seem pretty good.  But I feel somewhat lost when looking at more advanced scenarios. At this point, I feel somewhat spoiled with how easy it is for me to do most of what I want with Bxf (including the enhancements I've done to it).  Would I be out of the mainstream to create my own MVVM framework that keeps the simplicity of what I see in Bxf while adding the ehancements that I'm looking for?  Thanks.